Empowered Spirituality

I'm so excited to share this!


     Would you like to understand and develop your own special spiritual gifts? What about for free? (see below)

     What if you could be part of a unique, private community that will help you to develop your natural metaphysical gifts, help you stay positive, be with like minded people and get individual coaching feedback from me and the community?


     Empowered Spirituality Wednesdays is an ongoing live weekly class Wednesdays, at 4 PM EST! Each week you will have a 30 minute Zoom meeting with me on the month's metaphysical topic such as Empaths, Tools for Spirituality, Energy, Meditation, Ethics, etc.. You will be able to interact at the end of the class and through the FB group. Many times you will be given some things to practice till the next week and/or during the month.

Don't worry if you can't make it, the classes will be recorded. At any time during the month, if you want to watch that month's video again or ask a question, you will have a community and me, to support you in a special, private, Facebook group called Empowered Spirituality Elite.


Each month is a different topic


You will get:


  • Information packed live Zoom class weekly

  • Review videos of the month at any time that month

  • Little time commitment-30 min.'s a week

  • Reasonably priced-less than $5 per class!

  • Personal Feedback and community support in a private Facebook group!

  • You'll have first access to any new products, discounts and exciting things that are coming down the pike!

  • Plus the below bonus...

AND THERE'S MORE! A special bonus for you!


Did you know that I already have a private, social, Facebook group that is by invitation only? It's an uplifting, positive, fun, entertaining, great place to socialize, and meet other like minded people where you can post and interact. Also, I have been doing Live Facebook Videos every Wed. in the group which is always fun and interactive. Sometimes I channel Spirit, sometimes I talk about what's on my mind or answer questions, and sometimes I'll do some tarot card readings. It's always fun.


Just for signing up for my monthly coaching program,

you will be invited into this group for FREE!

Improve your life by learning to connect to your Spirit and Spirit Team

and developing your own gifts with me and a supportive community!

Only $19.99/month!

Get your spiritual development coaching FREE!

I have an affiliate program. For each person you refer that signs up, you will get 50% off your weekly coaching for that month. (as a mailed check) If you refer 2 people, your month is free!


Remember: Each week is recorded, so you don't have to participate live, learn at your own pace and be in a community of supportive, like minded people as you get individual feedback from me. Contact me if you'd like to participate!