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     I am thrilled to inspire and motivate you and your team to become their happiest and most productive selves through sharing my own experiences of getting through lots of grief and loss, and finding passion for my life again! Not only do I love inspiring people to change their perspective because that changes their whole life, I love to empower your team with a variety of tools!​ If you have a spiritual crowd, my talk can be geared to more metaphysical subjects and even include some Mediumship Readings.


I love inspiring people to change their perspective because that changes their whole life!


     Your business and personal relationships are all a matter of how you view them. Find out some fun ways to change your life in a way you never imagined! Get to your most successful and happiest self with my interactive talks!

Laura's been featured on I-Tune's top rated spirituality podcast with Truthseeker

and Blog Talk Radio with B uneke and many others.


Experience Laura's healing wisdom as she takes you on an educational, humorous and life changing journey! 


Here are some topics of speeches that are available: I can adjust the speech for a non-spiritual or spiritual audience.

  • From Skeptic to a life and business as a Lightworker

  • Conquering the 3 D's-Death, Divorce and Disaster

  • Empowered Empaths!

  • Yes, I speak to the dead! You can have help to heal grief!

  • Change your Perspective, Change your Life!-how to make a shift to a happier You!

  • Change your Perspective, Change your Life!-how to make a shift to a happier work environment!

  • Shift, Enlighten and Connect: how to make your business and your life be authentic to who you want to be!

  • Good Grief: we all have to go through it, so make it a great experience!

  • How you can have Spirit Communication in your everyday life.


For Your Event or Club: Whether it's 20 or 2000 people, I can motivate and educate your group to become aware of the possibilities of how to live a happier, more successful life and to even become excited about the changes!


For Your Students:  Whether you're the faculty, a classroom of students or the whole school, I love motivating people to think differently. When given the right tools, we can accomplish so many things!


For Your Business: I'll speak to your workforce in groups or individually about different tools and skills that they can use to help themselves and their co-workers to a new place of productivity, compassion and joy-yes, even in the workplace!  This is important as it has been proven many times that a company filled with workers who feel heard and understood, can become your most loyal and hardest workers.


Please contact Laura for pricing. Available for teleseminars, webinars and in person speaking


Speaking Experience


Featured guest: Path 11 Productions

Featured guest: Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business Podcast

Featured guest: Be Real, Get Real Podcast with Nancy Matthews of WPN

Featured guest: Blog Talk Radio Podcast with B uneke

Featured guest: I-Tunes top rated Spirituality Podcast with Truthseekah

Featured guest: Grief/Loss Podcast with Dr. Trish Murray

Speaker, Reader, Instructor Melbourne Spiritualist Chapel

Speaker Women's Prosperity Network

Speaker Premier Network

Speaker Next Level Connections Network

Speaker at local Rotary Clubs

Speaker at various Metaphysical Faires & Expos


Master of Ceremonies Silver Dalhler Dance Team performances

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