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Corey: Earth Day Expo at Unity in Melbourne

Why you should get a Reading from me:

Antoinette: a private Mediumship Gallery
  • Get relief and healing from the 3 D's of grief: Death, Divorce and Disaster; along with tools to help you manage it.

  • Understand being an Empath and how to use your skills as a benefit and not be a victim.

  • To get inspired advice and a new perspective and understanding of what is happening in your life. 

  • Understand spiritually strange things that are happening to you.

  • Develop your own Spiritual and Psychic gifts with me as your mentor. We all have them. Get feedback as you work.

  • Have some fun hosting your friends or family as I connect and bring messages from your loved ones and friends from the other side in a group Mediumship Gallery or host a Readings party for individual messages at your party.

  • Know that when you sit in front of me, you will always get what is for your highest and best intention. This is my agreement with Spirit!

  • Know that I am very ethical and well trained from the British school of Evidential Mediumship. This is not a game to me although it can be fun and funny, it is a serious form of healing that deserves respect and to be honored.

Psychic and Mediumship Readings


Science has proven that everything including ourselves, is made of energy. I have learned and practiced for over two decades how to enhance my energy vibration, so that I can read people's energy and communicate with loved ones and friends that have passed on. I choose to do this to help bring closure and healing to those left behind on the earth and at the same time, I am able to show that life continues after we are gone! When you realize that your Spirit or Soul does not die, you can live your life here on earth differently! Open your mind and heal your spirit! 


You will always get great care, attention and especially respect with me. My training is from some of the best British Mediums in the "evidential" style of Mediumship. Their belief and mine is that you need to be feel and be sure of who is coming to visit before messages are given. Especially when it's not easy. I've been there with a spirit family member with whom I did not have a great relationship and I've been able to heal from that! I understand about different personalities and ways that people relate. I promise to do the best job I can to bring your family, pets or loved ones messages through for you. Sometimes it's the person you want to come through and sometimes you are surprised by who visits! I do know, that whoever comes through, is here for your highest good and it is my honor to be the Medium for you! In addition, sometimes Spirit guides me to give you some tools to take with you which come from my coaching background.  The newest evolution of my gifts has been Spirit trusting me to tell you what they are now doing on the other side. This is always fascinating information! So you will always get an informative, interesting and sometimes educational Reading!


There are 2 types of Readings that I do and the major difference between the two is where I am getting the information. All messages, whatever type, come from Spirit with love.


Psychic Readings


Psychic Readings are where I read your energy and use my clairvoyant skills of just knowing (from your spirit guides and mine) and am able to see what is going on in your life around your job, relationships, etc. from the past, currently and possibly for the future. Knowing this information is helpful to you so that you can have an objective perspective of yourself, recognize your strengths and weaknesses and get some spiritual guidance. Some of the tools I use are Tarot cards, crystals/stones and Pyschometry.  Pyschometry is where I read the energy of an object of yours. You will not be told you are going to die, to dump your relationship or anything else like that because we all have free will and I believe these decisions are yours to be made with helpful info from Spirit, but not by Spirit as this is YOUR journey, the reason we come here to earth, for our lessons!


Mediumship Readings


Mediumship Readings are where I act as a medium or interpreter for you and your loved ones, friends and pets that have passed on. The information that I receive and relay to you could be from someone you knew as a child, a friend, a family member, lover, teacher or anyone that you knew. You can be sure that the person wanting to speak to you has your upmost interest in mind and will be the person you need to speak to the most. Some of the information I bring through will be a description of the person, their personality, shared memories, how they passed away, etc.. Then the message will come through with the advice they feel you need. Many times this advice will reference your current life. Also, on occasion, information on how they are now doing on the other side comes through too! Always such an honor!


                   An interesting note: A Medium is always a Psychic, but a Psychic may not be a Medium!  


Crystal and Stone Readings


As a Graduate Gemologist, I know that all crystals and stones have unique properties. These can help make for a more interesting and fun reading. Along with the crystal and stones energy,  Spirit and I will help guide you in your life.  It's a fun and different way to have a reading with the bonus of you getting a keepsake crystal or stone!!!

I would be honored to work with you and your family, friends and spirit team on the other side.  Contact me to schedule your reading (in person or video chat (Zoom, Skype, whatsapp, Facebook, etc) or have a group reading at your event or party!

Gift Certificates available upon request.


I accept cash or credit cards with Square payments online or in person. (Click the green link to make a payment.) Rates subject to change depending on location.


These readings must be paid in full prior to session: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, phone and email sessions. In person readings must have a 15 min./$30 non-refundable but transferable deposit to hold your time. You can pay online or I can take your credit card information over the phone.

Please Note: If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment,  please give me 12 hours notice so that I can use your time for someone else and I will be happy to transfer your deposit to the new time slot.  If you are a no show, your deposit is non-refundable. Thanks!



Individual Readings

Sessions can consist of multiple services: For ex. you may want me to use tarot cards and do some life coaching. Or, you may need spiritual coaching and have some mediumship too.

30 minutes    $65     An hour $125

45 minutes    $95


Other times available-please email for times/rates.


Group/Gallery Readings


     I love bringing through messages from the other side where our loved ones have gone once they leave our earth. Would you like some clarity, help healing, some group learning and fun too!!!? You provide the venue, invite your friends and I'll do the entertaining!

      What's so amazing about group readings is that Spirit can reach more people in a shorter amount of time. Also, as a private group, you get the support of having your friends with you. Learning from listening to others and what they are going through is an incredible tool for spiritual growth!

     Please arrive 15 minutes early to decompress from traveling, work, etc. and to relax and open yourself for the best results. Please note that all Group Readings will start on time.


     Small Groups: 1.5-2 hours of communication. cost varies with a minimum of 6 or more and depends on location and amount of people. Everyone gets a reading. Must be prepaid. Any travel costs or room rental fees not included and would be paid for by the host. The host will get a free 45 minute reading for hosting the party (usually at another time!) A non-refundable $75 deposit is required and payment in full one week prior. 24 hr. cancellation notice to not lose your payment.

     Large groups: 15 people or more at your venue. Not everyone will get a reading. Must be prepaid. Any travel costs or room rental fees not included and would be paid for by the host. A non-refundable $75 deposit is required and payment in full one week prior. 24 hr. cancellation notice to not lose your payment.


   Please contact Laura for pricing. 321-751-4766 

Crystal and Stone Readings

You can add a stone reading onto any session but I need to know in advance please.

15 minutes $45

30 minutes $75

Reading Parties


This is a party you host for your friends where they can get individual readings. If they prefer some help with their own gifts during a session, I'm always happy to coach a spiritually developing client!

The cost depends on the location, length of time and amount of people. Please email Laura for pricing or call 321-751-4766


Minimum party size required.


A $75 deposit is required to hold your date.

Parties require a
minimum of guests.

Thank you to my great teachers who have changed my life forever and helped me to learn so many great skills!


Thank you so much. You are awesome. I hope to have another session with you in the future. I have been going through alot and believe the messages I got today will help me. Jenny

Hi, Laura, I wanted to take a minute and thank you again for inviting me (to the Melbourne Mystic Faire), and the incredible reading!   

You are such a sweetheart, and a joy to know.  I loved your book, and was amazed at all you've been thru. God Bless You! And the boxes are fascinating!!  What a wonderful idea and interesting collection!  Thanks for sharing many of them in the book! I will definitely be in touch again for more readings, but until then, I've recommended you to several friends, and will post a recommendation on Facebook tomorrow.  And thank you, too, for the wonderful hug!  It was such a warm, loving hug...Love and light and Hugs! Kathy Bean

Good Morning Laura! Thank you so much for spending time with me yesterday. I was very affected by your reading even after I slept on in, so I've decided not to wait until January to get started with coaching. I just placed the order on your website and I'd love to get on your calendar as soon as is convenient for you. Thank you again for a beautiful experience--best birthday gift I've ever bought for myself! Talk soon, Amanda

Laura is authentic, intuitive & has a loving heart. Maxxine

Yes! Get a reading folks. Laura is awesome. Her reading was spot on...and the people that came through (deceased family members) made it obvious who they were. The reading was extremely valuable...and FUN! Keith Leon

Laura is one of the good ones! Her "readings" are uplifting, and insightful. It's a great experience. Cheryl Gibbons on Facebook

When Laura read my cards it was like someone was finally validating everything! 🔮 We had an event at the spa and she was on point with just about everyone! (One person out of 12 wasn’t convinced... but you know how that goes🤷🏼‍♀️) Then we had her back and she impressed 100% (5 readings 5 approvals!) Now I’m excited for the two hour mediumship gallery she is facilitating in our salt cave in a couple weeks!!! It’s on April 20th 2019 so if you’re not too busy that Saturday... get on her page and reserve your spot there’s only 8 spots left ... it’s for 2 hours and it’s a 2 hour event ($50). I wouldn’t keep having her back if I didn’t think she is the real deal. She cares about everyone and has amazing insight and gives truly invaluable guidance!!!!🙏

Wow, thank you so much! I am always so honored to help people. I know I am blessed and do not take my gifts for granted! Thanks for the amazing words! Hair Tiki & Salt Cave in Sebastian, FL

I cannot express how grateful I am for Laura and the reading she did for me. In the  past year since my mother passed away I have woken up almost every day with a deep sadness. I have relived her last days and last moments over and over again, grieving for the  life that cancer and Ahlzheimer's Disease stole from her.  Laura brought my mother through to me. Now I know that she is OK, that she is restored to herself. I understand better the lessons both she and I needed to learn from her illness. I can now say that I am at peace with her death. While I still miss her, I no longer wake up in sadness. I feel that a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I am free to heal. You have a remarkable gift , Laura. Thank you so very, very much. JG

Laura's Crystal Stone readings are terrific!  I was intrigued when Laura told me she was doing Crystal Stone readings.  Not knowing what to expect,  I was so excited to have the opportunity to get a reading from her.  The details she gave me were completely applicable to what was happening in my life.  She mentioned things that I had been thinking about but had not mentioned to anyone!  She also gave me some beautiful messages from my grandmother.  I highly recommend a reading by Laura Beers! D. Figueroa

Before I met Laura, I had lost myself, my spirituality and my natural ability to connect and heal. I was depressed, overwhelmed and lacked direction and purpose. I tried just about every different route but to no avail. After meeting her for a trusted and accurate reading, I decided to try life coaching sessions. The results I am seeing have been so dramatic and trans-formative. Laura has such an amazing gift for all of us who are about connecting and healing. I look forward to my continued work with her in the future. She truly is an earth angel. -Julie Di Paulo

Thank you so much for the truly inspirational readings that you have done for me over the years. Your readings give me confirmation and guidance on matters that are life changing. You help me to move forward with my healing and spiritual growth. You always have just the right information about the important things that I am quietly contemplating and struggling with. In addition, my understanding and comfort with the afterlife has been greatly enhanced through your mediumship, intuitive and life coaching skills. With your help, my relationship with my mother has grown in ways that could not have happened when she was living. Keep up the good work!  Love & Lite, Diane

Laura is a dedicated healer using mediumship to help others to connect with their loved ones that have passed over. I was not expecting the person that came through and was so pleased to hear from a dear friend whom I lost 25 years ago. Laura has integrity and won't just tell you what you want to hear. She waits until she has a solid connection and you understand who is coming through. Then she tells you what you need to hear. I am impressed by her discipline and warmed by her compassion. Raven Lamoreux-Dodd


I was led to Laura Beers by spirit at the Mystic Faire in Orlando. As I am developing my own psychic gifts, I have been questioning my sanity amongst many other things. The second that I sat down with her, I felt at ease. She was able to not only answer my questions and confirm my visions on her own without any leading, but was able to encourage me on my life path by explaining to me what my life mission was. As soon as she started explaining things to me, I started getting confirmations that what she was explaining to me was in fact real. Everything that she told me clicked for me and I no longer felt as if I were losing my mind or going absolutely insane. She encouraged me and helped me to understand what was happening to me as I was shedding my skin and preparing for a life of service. Her enthusiasm and gifts were such a blessing to me that I went back for a second reading with her the next day. She was able to connect with my guides and deliver messages to me that were of utmost importance and very crucial for my spiritual growth. I cannot wait to see her again as her energy was bright, loving and encouraging. She made me realize that the light that I have been seeking has been inside of me all along. The healing that took place in my heart after her encouraging my gifts was such a blessing. I cannot wait to seek her out once again for coaching and guidance. Much love to you, Laura. I cannot wait to be able to seek your guidance again! -Katie ❤️😘🤗

The reading you gave me from my parents was unexpected and so loving it truly touched my heart. I am heeding the warning about taking care of myself and being extra good to myself during the grieving period and allowing instead of stuffing. Even thought of going to a grieving group of families of dementia loved ones (this came in on my driving home). Blessing Dear One, Carol

My reading was wonderful! Laura was “spot on”. She was able to describe family members that have passed on with close accuracy. Her words touched my heart. Anita P.


Your reading couldn't have been more timely.  I'm preparing to take a trip to visit some of my "roots" including the town where my grandmother spent the last years of her life.  To have her come through so strongly through you was fantastic. Your description of her physically was spot on; I loved how she described herself as "plump."  Thank you for reminding me of my connection to her. Love, Kathie


I was impressed.  My daughter was a little shy - but the 4th person you talked to - she knew him but didn't speak up.  Her boyfriend's brother died from a car accident, he was 17 and he was a surfer - brown hair and eyes as you described.  That seems to be the spirit you talked to - you did a great job. I told her she should have said something -   Thanks. Ann B.