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The Rebuilding Program-

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 Before I met Laura, I had lost myself, my spirituality and my natural ability to connect and heal. I was depressed, overwhelmed and lacked direction and purpose. I tried just about every different route but to no avail. After meeting her for a trusted and accurate reading, I decided to try life coaching sessions. The results I am seeing have been so dramatic and trans-formative. Laura has such an amazing gift

for all of us who are about connecting and healing. I look forward to my continued work with her in the future. She truly is an earth angel. -Julie Di Paulo    


  I have just completed the 9 session life coaching package with Laura. I feel like a new person. She has helped me beyond my expectations. I now have a set of tools to not only achieve my personal goals but to succeed in my work and my relationships. I’m so please with my results that I plan on signing my daughter up as well. Thank you Laura my - Julie Di Paulo.     

I offer 3 Spiritual Coaching packages:  

  1. Spiritually develop your own gifts: Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed with some of your relationships? Would you call yourself an Empath? I will help you understand why certain things happen to you, why you keep running into the same type of people or having the same types of experiences. Do you have special gifts that scare you or do you see or feel things? I can help you understand what is happening to you, how to get control of your gifts and use them in your life for much benefit. You will be given exercises to practice and feedback immediately afterwards! This is my 9 hour Rebuilding Program!

  2. Grief and loss coaching: I will help you to understand, process and heal whether it's from a death, divorce, loss of a relationship, job, move, etc.. You will get lots of tools to use and help to use them from me. This is my 3 hour Coaching program

  3. Wedding advice:  As your Wedding Officiant, and Ordained Non-denominational Minister and married for over 2 decades, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have, get your communication lines opened and help you to build a strong foundation for this big commitment.  Please note, I am not a licensed health practitioner, however I am an ordained minister and certified Spiritual Coach.


Whether in person or on video chat, one hour at a time or my 9 hour program (more cost effective), I have found my coaching to work incredibly well as it's a mix of many modalities that you will learn and be able to utilize to take a deep look into yourself so that you can become who you have always been meant to be on a emotional, mental and spiritual level.

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Note:  you are in charge of your pace and we work together to make sure you always come from the heart and your truth!


The below picture is of one of my coaching clients Katie Rouse. I am so proud of her, here at her 1st expo showing her work and doing readings. Her art pieces are of songs. She literally shows the sound vibration of the song that she is listening to!

Quoted from Katie's testimonial for me: "She encouraged me and helped me to understand what was happening to me as I was shedding my skin and preparing for a life of service."

Heal Your Spirit
Find your New Purpose in Life

Healing your spirit means the ability to go on with your life as it is, with the hole of grief, with new radical acceptance of yourself, situation and what has occurred. If you are open to Mediumship, we may use that tool here. Our goal will be to get you to a place of possibilities again and so much more!

Your new purpose is unique to you. We will keep this in mind as we explore further into what you are passionate about,  how to get your support system in place and what you can expect with what you need.

Coping Skills & Tools
Social Survival Skills

I am certified in Spiritual Kinesiology and able to share with you various modalities of healing. Here we will continue to work with them and I will teach you how to use these tools yourself. We will add in some role playing and visualization techniques to name a few, to give you an arsenal of resources!

This is my specialty area-where we explore the world as you will enter it. You will get skills and tips from me on how to survive with as little stress and triggers as possible, many of which are fun. You will learn how to read body language and we will use role-playing here. Your life can be filled with joy and laughter and I will be thrilled to help you get there!


Note: If you or I feel we are not a good fit for working together, I can refer you on to the appropriate support group or psychologist if you'd like.

Here below is one example of how I've changed on a physical level so far. When you've changed your beliefs, everything changes. My health changed, my weight, my beliefs and who I find myself to have become has all changed, for the better!