Empowered Spirituality:

The Rebuilding Program-individualized to you

A Before and After Testimonial

Before I met Laura, I had lost myself, my spirituality and my natural ability to connect and heal. I was depressed, overwhelmed and lacked direction and purpose. I tried just about every different route but to no avail. After meeting her for a trusted and accurate reading, I decided to try life coaching sessions. The results I am seeing have been so dramatic and trans-formative. Laura has such an amazing gift

for all of us who are about connecting and healing. I look forward to my continued work with her in the future. She truly is an earth angel. -Julie Di Paulo    


  I have just completed the 9 session life coaching package with Laura. I feel like a new person. She has helped me beyond my expectations. I now have a set of tools to not only achieve my personal goals but to succeed in my work and my relationships. I’m so please with my results that I plan on signing my daughter up as well. Thank you Laura my - Julie Di Paulo.     

I'm a proud Coach!

The below picture is of one of my coaching clients Katie Rouse. I am so proud of her, here at her 1st expo showing her work and doing readings. Her art pieces are of songs. She literally shows the sound vibration of the song that she is listening to!

Quoted from Katie's testimonial for me: "She encouraged me and helped me to understand what was happening to me as I was shedding my skin and preparing for a life of service."

I offer 4 Spiritual Coaching packages:  
Heal Your Spirit 2: Develop your own gifts

Spiritually develop your own gifts: Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed with some of your relationships? Would you call yourself an Empath? I will help you understand why certain things happen to you, why you keep running into the same type of people or having the same types of experiences. Do you have special gifts that scare you or do you see or feel things? I can help you understand what is happening to you, how to get control of your gifts and use them in your life for much benefit. You will be given exercises to practice and feedback immediately afterwards!


1. Work with me one on one at your own pace 

2. Join my weekly group classes.

Grief and Loss: 3 D's Death, Divorce & Disaster

Grief and loss coaching: Understand, process, and heal from the 3 D's: death, divorce, and disaster. It could also be loss of a relationship, pet, job, move, etc.. You will get lots of tools to use and help to use them.

   Healing your spirit means the ability to go on with your life as it is, with the hole of grief, with new radical acceptance of yourself, situation and what has occurred. If you are open to Mediumship, we may use that tool here. Our goal will be to get you to a place of possibilities again and so much more!

Take your life back: job changes, new career, retirement
White Crepe Orchids WM.jpg
Wedding coaching: for your new life

Take your life back: Admit, Allow, and Access:

Changing careers? Pandemic fallout? Retiring? I've actually just retired after 25 years of being a Dance Instructor. You go through a lot. So, over 3 separate hours, we will explore where you have been, process it and connect with your passion to go forward as we keep in mind your financial needs. This may sound easy, but it can be hard to do by yourself. As an objective Coach, I can help you to see what you can not and with Spirit's help, guide you to a new and happier future! Take your life back!

Wedding coaching:  As your Wedding Officiant, Ordained Non-denominational Minister and married for over 2 decades, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have, get your communication lines opened and help you to build a strong foundation for this big commitment.  Please note, I am not a licensed health practitioner, however I am an ordained minister and certified Spiritual Coach.

  Whether in person or virtually, one hour at a time, with my 3 hour packages, or my 9 hour program (more cost effective), I have found my coaching to work incredibly well as it's a mix of many modalities that you will learn and be able to utilize to take a deep look into yourself so that you can become who you have always been meant to be on a emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

You are in charge of your pace and we work together to make sure you always come from the heart and your truth!

Note: If you or I feel we are not a good fit for working together, I can refer you on to the appropriate support group or psychologist if you'd like.